Tips for Selling Your Park Model

Here are some things you can do to improve your chances of selling your park model quickly and for a great price.
  • De-clutter! The units that sell the fastest are the cleanest and tidiest, so give it a thorough cleaning!
  • Make sure your unit has a clean fresh smell.
  • Keep the decor neutral, so prospective buyers can envision themselves and their own style in your unit.
  • Move out all the throw rugs. Stumbling over a throw rug isn’t the first impression you want your prospects to have!
  • Good interior lighting sells park models. Make sure your park model has ample lighting, and turn on all the lights just before a prospect comes to see it.
  • Gather all the work repair documents and warranty paperwork for your park model. The more information your agent has about your unit, the better a buyer can feel about it.
  • Have your title, County Tax Statement, and most recent termite inspection report ready. These documents are vital to closing a sale.
  • Think about the curb appeal of your unit. Tidy up the outside, and make the entry as attractive and inviting as possible.
  • Be prepared to move quickly. Buyers typically want to move in right away.


It’s a seller’s market for park models at Rincon Country East! Please consider me if you have a park model you would like to sell.

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